Posted by Data in Planetoid Pioneers - February 6th, 2017
Primoid Pan

We are nearing the launch of our Early Access game-only preview, which will cost a lot less than the special Contributor Edition! (however, it won’t include editors or access to the Contributor Community) In preparation for this, we have been busy building the real caves and challenges that will eventually fill the “Primoid” Planetoid completely. With this fourth update to the Contributor Edition, we invite everyone in the Contributor Community to use the built-in feedback forms to tell us, but also wield those Crush2D editors to show us what you would change or improve!

Highlights of the goods:

  • A good THIRD of the entire first adventure Planetoid, aka the “Primoid”, now has playable content and is ready for your feedback and improvement:
  • Tutorial, where baby Pioneers learn how to walk
  • North Hub, which connects several areas. Also serves as a rocket silo, suitable for the eventual construction and launching of a reusable spacecraft. You will need that to escape this rock in and complete this first Planetoid’s Robinson Crusoe-esque scenario.
  • half of Carbon Cave, where deadly organic creatures lurk, ready to tear you apart.
  • half of Metals Mine. Remains of a mining operation by humans to get the Aurium buried deep inside this Planetoid. They seem to have dug too deep and bad things happened. Various robots and mining machinery can be found here, useful for collecting the resources you need for building that rocket.
  • and the Surface, a terribly dangerous gauntlet in a vehicle, and downright suicidal without one. Creepy fauna and natural obstacles present extreme hazards, but it’s the only way to get to the southern hemisphere (for now).
  • Playtesting feedback forms integrated into the game at the end of each area named above – can you get to all four? Tell us directly what you liked and what you’d like to see improved.
  • Massively improved locomotion mechanics of the Pioneer, also consistent over all the main Pioneers
  • Lots of improved creature behavior (bird pooping AI is a go)
  • A massive amount of bug fixes and betterment everywhere as we “eat our own dog food” producing the real game content with the Crush2D editors
  • Breakable lamps make for fun target practice. Also, atomize them for resources, and Assemble them wherever you want to improve the ambience. Or toss one at a monster, maybe it will scare them. (light-sensitive creatures may be a thing)

Spoiler Alert!

To get an overview of what we’re planning for the entire Primoid, and an up-to-the-minute state of development, go check out our Trello board here

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