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Posted by Andy in Art, Cortex Command - September 29th, 2009

light_soldier_full_colorcc_coalition_light_preliminary2Finally, the piece I’ve been hinting at for three days…

This piece of artwork for the Coalition Light soldier came about because we were contacted by a fan of the game, Justin “gtaiiilc” Stokes. He is heading to CrisisCon and will be constructing a replica suit!

“Hey this is the almighty nerd Justin “gtaiiilc” Stokes here.

I have begun gathering up resources to make a Coalition Light replica suit… for a convention (don’t mock me >_>). The event is in February but I hope to have it long done by then so I can start saving up for my BIG project of win: a Cortex Command arcade cabinet!

That will will be a long ways off though, but for now: PICS OF THE BEGINNING!”

The convention is slated for Spring 2010, so we have some time for the project to complete – I’ll post updates as work progresses.

Thanks for being such a nerd fan, Justin!

If anyone else has any DR/Cortex Command real-life crossover events (Birthday cake? Gold mining in your backyard? Cosplay?) drop me a line @

Posted by Andy in Art, General DRL - September 27th, 2009

Hawesome in a CanHey everyone! Ignore the horrible photo of me in the last post. There are way better pictures of me on the web.

As Dan introduced, I am Andy Moore (“weasel”), professional Community Designer and Manager. I’m a big fan of Cortex Command, and have been following it for years. I’ll be the BatPhone – the direct line to the Commissioner that you, the fans, can pick up at any time. I’m active in the forums and on IRC as well, and am trying to crank up the level of transparency you guys see.

In my travels I’ve found that many indie developers love to have a community, and love to have a fan following – but detest the level of commitment and the hours of work it takes to put into keeping it running smoothly. Most devs simply want to concentrate on making the game, and not deal with all the emotional issues that come up with forum drama and constant email requests. That’s where I step in!

another_telling_image_description_youwin2I’m hoping to post here very regularly – maybe get it down to once per day, but we’ll see how much content I’m able to generate. Dan suggested I tease you guys with some new art, so I’ve clipped two bits of it into this post. I’ll reveal the rest of the image over the coming days. 🙂

If anyone wants to get in touch with me – the best bet is the forums or IRC. I’m happy to share my email address though: Drop me a line if you want to discuss anything – it might take me weeks to get back to you, but I will try to write back to everyone.

In the coming weeks I’ll see about slapping together some videos, interviews, get some long-standing questions answered, and see what other media I can come up with. Peace out.