Posted by Data in Cortex Command - May 13th, 2009

Yep, it’s out. Here’s a few of the notable additions/changes:

  • Full Lua scripting of any object, not only missions. Documentation here.
  • A lot of added content, most of it is still works in progress though. All kinds of toys to play with!
  • Improved buying menu now displays long item names correctly and more clearly
  • Buy menu Presets can now be made to quickly switch between completely different shipment loadouts!
  • New in-game music by dannyB
  • Several new campaign and skirmish missions in the works.
  • Fixed scene editor making the game not load afterward
  • As always, several months’ worth of general touches and improvements

Again, note that the detailed Lua binding documentation is up! Will be writing a separate post and some tutorials on the scripting soon – this is powerful stuff. Modders can now make nearly anything happen in the game engine, as if they had access to the C++ source!

Download Test Build 23!Download Test Build 23 for Mac OSX!

Posted by Data in Cortex Command - May 15th, 2008

Console KillContinuing the feature series.. Next up is something really powerful that will open whole new worlds of possibilities for you tinkerers and modders out there: There is now an in-game console that enables so much control of the engine that it’s almost scary.

Thanks to the Swedish geniuses at Rasterbar (recommended to us by Klei), we have managed to expose almost all of our internal classes and interfaces to the Lua environment now running in the system. This will eventually mean that some of you will literally be able to create entire new games with the Cortex Command engine by writing elaborate Lua scripts in addition to the content mods and addons you have been limited to so far.

Even if you’re not so ambitious, it’s still fun to play around in the console. Like making a guy instantly fly at 100 m/s to the right –>>

Documentation of all the commands and interfaces will eventually appear in the Data Realms Wiki, so you can easily harness this new power that has been unleashed!