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Posted by Data in Crush2D, Planetoid Pioneers - June 13th, 2015

Quick update on our presence at DreamHack Summer 2015 RIGHT NOW:

Official page with info:
DreamHack Summer 2015

Come see us at the DreamExpo booth located in Hall B!

Posted by Data in Crush2D, Planetoid Pioneers - February 12th, 2014

Just a quick status update on Planetoid Pioneers.. we are having a problem:
It’s too much fun messing around in it that some of us on the team (read: me) are getting distracted from actually getting work done:
Planetoid Pioneers New Test Scene
(the game is actually running at a much higher framerate than the 15FPS captured in this gif)

However, our tools are reaching a quite sophisticated level of polish, so they’re pretty fun to work in too:
Robot joint editor

Another quick update: our Twitter stream has now been fixed so it will yet again announce all our code checkins
for both Cortex Command and Planetoid Pioneers.. stay tuned to it for the latest tidbits:

Posted by Data in Crush2D, Planetoid Pioneers - September 12th, 2013

This pretty much sums up our experience at PAX this year, and hints at what we’ve got in store:

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