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Posted by Data in Cave Vehicle Engine, Crush2D, Planetoid Pioneers - November 26th, 2016


If you have been tempted to take the plunge with the one of the world’s most powerful 2D physics engine and tools, right now is a good time to jump since the Planetoid Pioneers Contributor Edition is a solid 20% off this weekend!

With it, you get a killer game development environment seven years in the making, and now also a real juicy preview of what the game we are building with it will play like. As a Contributor, you have a real chance to take an active part in the development of this unique action adventure!

The newest version with much of the content and features we put together during our team’s summer sprint called “Project Slovakia” is in this Contributor Build 3 (already available to our Contributor Community for a few weeks now).

Some of the highlights:

  • New local PvP game mode/Planetoid (“Carnageoid”) with three arenas
  • New tutorial segment on the “Primoid” Planetoid
  • Visual overhaul of many Planetoids
  • Smooth zoom out on large Planetoids, minimap overview system
  • Blueprint mass scanning unlock sytem
  • Refined pioneer controls and behaviours
  • Massive optimizations everywhere, and more to come
  • Pio can pickup any assembly up to 150kg
  • Pio and creatures can get knocked out by hard hits, especially to head
  • Pio can carry 200kg lumps of resources and throw them
  • Pio automaticaly prints lumps when he cant carry more resources
  • Pio can stow things on back, swap them with what is held in hands
  • Pio can use one-handed tools
  • Improved AI systems with behavior Zones in scene for simple setup
  • AI and Pioneer team tag system – build pets and helpers!
  • Improved player feedback via HUD
  • Tons of new and improved blueprints like tools, weapons, and structures
  • Fancy new particle systems, terrain assets, sounds
  • Hundreds of bugfixes, see them all here:
  • Lots of new useful Lua functions