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Metagame Income Count PhaseHere’s a little preview of what one of the phases of the turn-based metagame will look like.

Specifically, this is the income-counting phase where all the revenue from each team’s owned mining bases gets tallied and added to their gold accounts in the TradeStar. When the lines actually point to the TradeStar, it indicates the money that team had left over “in the bank” since last turn.

In designing these UI animations, the challenge for us is to always show in a graphically clear and appealing way what’s going on with the flow of money in the metagame.. I hope this draft approaches that goal!

I know you are eager to try this thing out; the trouble with building a turn-based game system is that none of it is really playable until all the components have at least a baseline of functionality implemented. If any one phase of a game round doesn’t work yet, you can’t really play the game at all.

The good news is that we’re currently making good progress and are completely focused on closing that gameplay loop, at least in a basic fashion. As soon as we do, the long-awaited new build will be out for you to try and give us feedback on!

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I just wanted to bring to your attention the incredibly cool deal that a bunch of my indie gamedev friends have put together. For only three more days, you can get five absolutely solid quality indie games for WHATEVER PRICE YOU WANT.

Even if you have a few/all of these great games already, consider delivering this concentration of pure awesome fun to a friend through the handy gifting system.

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(Oh, did I mention that there’s no DRM and all titles are available for Windows, Mac AND Linux?)

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CC Tribute by Jordan Brown (aka Dr. Melon)
CC Tribute by Jordan Brown (aka Dr. Melon)

There’s been lots of press and media coverage of Cortex Command since IGF, here’s a selection:

CO-OP (former 1UP crew) IGF video segment, at 9:30 mins in:

Wall Street Journal article on the different emerging indie buisness models:

Another interview/gameplay video by GameReactor (I was REALLY tired and hoarse during this one):

Super long, rambly podcast interview with Data, by IGameRadio:

For more related links and other cool stuff, here’s Data’s twitter feed:

If you find any more coverage or useful mentions, then post it in the comments and I’ll put them here in the post!