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Evgeniy “Weegee” Vigovskiy
Stefan “Abdul” Winberg
Ken “CaveCricket48” Vu Do &
Jesús “GranPC” Higueras Pica

bring you a MASSIVE update (on Steam right now, Humble shortly):

Try doing this before on Dummy Assault!

Major features:

  • THE MOID LIMIT IS GONE*!!! (*Not truly gone, but hardly reachable)
  • Randomized maps: create a map once, play it forever
  • Bunker prefabs: build your bunker of any size in no time
  • AI skill sliders: bored? We have ‘Unfair’ AI skill for ya.
  • Global scripts: add some pepper to any activity or control AI units in the campaign your way.
  • Mod manager: no more .rte renaming!
  • Constructor tool: AI brains seal themselves in tunnels to live long (and probably even prosper).
  • Visible inventory: guess no longer about how many nukes you have left in your pockets.
  • Scenes previews: you don’t have to remember all those scene names.

Content updates:

  • 36 randomized maps for the campaign.
  • Almost 200 bunker prefabs.
  • New Dummy weapon – Lancer.
  • Wounds, jetpacks, headshot damage multipliers, generic variables – all exposed to Lua.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Deployments can be used instead of units to make your map compatible with any player-selected techs.
  • AI skill adjustments.
  • Resolution selection fixes.
  • HSplitScreen and VSplitScreen work just like before.
  • Secret endless campaign mode.
  • Tooltips on/off checkbox.
  • Steam can be manually disabled if any start-up problems arise.
  • Diggers create tunnels which way easier to walk through.
  • Factions balance tweaks.
  • Campaign strategic AI tweaks.
  • Campaign tactical tweaks.
  • You can safely set health more that 100, yet it’s still not recommended.
  • Foreign items can be removed from the buy menu.
  • Press CTRL+W to dump the entire world to .BMP file.
  • Author can specify default gold, fog of war and other options for your activity and prevent player from changing them.
  • Some activities may load scenes while discarding any pre-placed actors.
  • Deployments now work correctly in scenario/skirmish modes. No more zombie spawns!
  • AI actors in sentry mode no longer ignore enemies after reloading.
  • The jet-pack mass indicator use jet-pack strength instead of hard-coded values.
  • Small objects are less likely to mysteriously gib after a collision. (MOs now automatically gib when AngularVel > 2000/(MaxRadius+1) instead of 100).
  • Meta Game: Crafts with MaxPassengers = 0 as are not used as drop crafts by the AI

New ini-properties:

  • “AutoStabilize” (1 or 0) for ACDropShips. Enable/disable hard coded use of the upper thrusters, see the Dummy Drop Ship for a lua stabilization script.
  • “ScuttleIfFlippedTime” for Dropships and Rockets. Craft gib if upside-down more than this value in ms. 4000ms by default, disable with -1.
  • “LoudnessOnGib” [0..1] for MOSRotatings
  • “LoudnessOnEmit” [0..1] for AEmitters
  • and many more here

Lua changes:

  • Exposed MinThrowVel and MaxThrowVel for ThrownDevice
  • and many more here

Also, sign up for the Pioneer Program and be part of what’s next from Data Realms, already 5+ years in the making:
Planetoid Pioneers, BABY

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Nice April Fools’ gag.. OR IS IT?!

You be the judge

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Crab love

Click above for more photos – we’re in San Francisco for yet another Game Developers Conference.
This time as IGF finalists though, so we’ll have a Cortex Command booth/kiosk to attend to.
Stay tuned to the above gallery as it will be added to every day of this week!

Wow, won two awards! Hung over now; more details later.
Thanks so much to the fan community for voting on audience award! You guys rock hard.

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Testing some ideas combining D and R, I think I like 2 the best out of these.

DR logos
Wierd alien thingamajibEdit: Another variant
ORLY? Har jag närt en KOMMUNIST vid min barm?!?

Dr logo Should be a bit fatter maybe…

DR logo white BG …like this?

[DT edit] Or this?




I think the merged D-R insignia gets a little too abstract… will probably be hard to get people to make the connection in their heads to the words Data Realms. Why not just keep it clear and pixel-clean?

[Arne edit] Maybe, but on the other hand logos are supposed to be rather abstract simplifications because you don’t want to type out the entire thing.

DR logo plus text

DR versions

[DT Edit]



[Arne edit:] Umm? Thinner on the left.

DR logo tweak

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We are working on a new fresh logo for DRL… here’s some alternative starting points:



The second one needs coloring.. it’s not supposed to be three-in-one like that.

Please give feedback in the comments!

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This is the new place where development on the Data Realms projects will be documented and discussed! The old dev forum will still stick around, but won’t be the main conduit for updates on our projects anymore.

So stay tuned for a new burst of activity in the Data Realms!