Posted by Data in Cave Vehicle Engine, Crush2D, Planetoid Pioneers - June 15th, 2016
Knuckles Ride

So we’re a bit late with this one – it was supposed to be out a month ago, but we had several (good!) things distract us, like preparing for our two-month sprint with the core team together in a cabin in Slovakia, which is now ongoing:
ProjectSlovakia images on Twitter

Anyway, we did have some great feature news to share even back then, like:

  • New Labroid Planetoid Scene and Activity, with a monster boss battle in the core
  • Several new Blueprints like teleporter, flamethrower trap, new chests, etc.
  • Pioneers can now pick up and throw smaller, circular resource chunks (200kg) vs the huge and frankly unrealistic 1000kg ingots before (which required physics cheats to be lifted). The large ingots are still useful for storage and maybe for towing in a mining cart that is pushed or pulled by a robust Rover.
  • Entire Asteroid Belt maps can (theoretically) be completed now and are shown as such on the metamap. They are completed by successfully finishing all the Planetoids in them.
  • BP Fauna Knuckles: The first AI that is mountable, rideable, and controllable after having been printed (so it is friendly toward its creator). KNUCKLES SMASH!
  • Most printed AIs now ignore the Pioneer that printed it.
  • Abstracted out and added a generic biped move-behavior to the lua folder. Used both by Bot Flip and the new blueprint, Bot Sentry.

So go forth and enjoy the above in the latest build in the main (non-beta) branch on Steam!

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