Posted by Data in Crush2D, Planetoid Pioneers - July 16th, 2017
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The team has really pulled together quite the game experience for our Game-Only Edition that is coming out… well, just stay tuned this week 🙂 Please help us by playing the Primoid and let us know your thoughts and issues you run into in the Contributor Community Discord server (find access to it on the Steam Forums here once you log in!). Better yet, build or improve existing areas with the Crush2D tools and show us your ideas! If we like them enough, we’ll see about integrating them and giving you official credit in the game.

Changelog highlights:

  • Massively improved all existing areas of the Primoid
  • Added new very WIP South Hub and Mountain areas
  • New Wrangleoid minigame Planetoids
  • Automatic save game system
  • Improved Pioneer locomotion: proper jump, slide, uphill walk etc
  • Completely overhauled and much nicer sounds for material impacts, etc
  • Reverb system with echo depending on distance to walls
  • New much more robust physics solver and other performance improvements
  • Activity editor target system and IO system to easily make everything trigger anything without code
  • Redesigned background art in lots of the old Planetoids
  • New loot system with tiered weapons and different new loot items
  • Lots of new and improved Blueprints (including new enemies like zombies!)
  • As always, more bug and crash fixes than we can list. See the repo echo bot for details

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