Posted by Data in Cortex Command - March 24th, 2007

Automatic mining operation with guardsThings are getting better in terms of proper control over your team:

Before, when you pressed either of the actor switch buttons, brain control changed immediately. Now, when you press and hold either, you get all that stuff you see here overlaid on top of your current and adjacent team members.

When in this mode, you can use the directional keys/pad/stick to change your currently selected AI mode before the actual control switch happens. Only when you let go of the actor switch button you pressed earlier, does the actual switch happen.

This way you can still very quickly cycle through your guys (by tapping the switch buttons) – or conveniently change their AI modes as you go through them, by briefly holding the switch button and hitting a direction corresponding to the new AI mode you want.

Also, all your team members are now sorted by their horizontal position on the map, so it’s more intuitive to switch between them. When you hit the right switch actor button, you’ll get the guy to your right, and vice versa.

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