Posted by Data in Cortex Command - November 27th, 2006

Download the IGF Build!New Build, folks… delay due to holiday madness etc. Will write more about what’s changed soon.

Short incomplete list:

  • Gibs! Everywhere! (Except rocket, yet.. need more time to develop proper effects or it’ll look weird)
  • Bleeding of wounds now stops after a while. Certain wounds bleed for longer than others (like missing limb wounds are bad)
  • Gold collection has been simplified, more info here.
  • No more mysterious .dat files. Everything is exposed in the .rte folders now… easier to mod anything!
  • Gamepad setup has changed completely… right now custom configuration doesn’t work, but it’s set up to work for the wired XBOX 360 controller, which you can just plug into any USB port on your PC (and download driver from microsoft here).
  • Swapped keyboard layouts for player one and two – so now you can easily play singleplayer on laptops!
  • Actors don’t lose grip of their held weapons nearly as easily. Was frustrating before.
  • Brain actor updated slightly; hangs from ceiling. Blows up!
  • Long games don’t slow down as much anymore… forcing jittery particles to settle after a while.
  • Tons of other small stuff

360 ControllerIf you want to try the XBox 360 Controller, here’s the basic setup:

  • Left analog stick = Movement, including controllable jetpack
  • Right analog stick = Aiming
  • Right Trigger = Fire
  • Left Trigger = Reload, and hold down and use the left stick to change, pick up and drop weapons
  • Bumper buttons = Cycle through actors, hit both to bring up buy menu
  • Start button = Resets the current game

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53 Responses to “New Build! Gibs galore”

  1. noonenoes - # December 6th, 2006 at 11:39 pm

    hey just wonderin if u could tell us how to make stuff for the game and that crap

  2. Data - # December 6th, 2006 at 11:41 pm

    We’re going to put together a little modding tutorial soon.

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