Posted by Data in General DRL - February 3rd, 2011

Data Realms on TwitterJust wanted to give a heads up that we have now directly connected our internal Subversion repositories to Twitter, so that you can see what we are doing on our various projects on a daily basis! Follow us here, or just keep an eye on the top edge of this Dev Log page. Each tweet is prefixed with a name which shows the area the commit happened in, as follows:

  • CCData: Game data content of Cortex Command
  • CCSource: Source code of Cortex Command
  • CVESource: Source code of Cave Vehicle Engine

This should do a better job of informing everyone who wants to keep closer tabs on our progress, while not requiring any additional work for us on the dev/content team (we write these commit log messages anyway!)

Posted by Data in Cortex Command - February 3rd, 2010

MetaGUI EditorHello everyone, and belated happy new decade!

To the right we’re cranking away at one of the several menus and dialogs needed for the Metagame (aka “Campaign”) mode. In the coming days and weeks, I hope to throw up some more mockups, teasers, and info about this aspect of the project which will tie the whole Cortex Command experience together. In short: it’s a turn-based game which sits on top of the tactical missions (hence the “meta” – i.e. a game about the game) and puts them in a larger context. What happens in the tactical on-surface battles directly affect the orbital metagame, and vice versa.

We have cut away a lot of the feature creep and finally nailed down a feasible scope for this Campaign mode, and I think what we’ve ended up with is going be very fun to play. As always, we’re making it all data-driven, so you crafty guys can make and mod its content for a customized experience.

Having achieved a fairly clear and realistic picture of exactly how it’s all going to work is pretty exciting for us, so I expect productivity on this to really pick up! Stay tuned..

Posted by Data in Cortex Command - February 4th, 2007

Major progress this week. Now multiple players (1-4) can be on the same team, cooperating against another AI or player-controlled team. You and your teammates can buy stuff and have it delivered wherever you want on the map, and you can order as many times as you want without having to wait for the deliveries to get there – they just queue up!

Four-player game

Imagine playing coop with three of your buddies: one on the mouse+keyb, one on the other side of the keyboard, and the two remaining on USB gamepads (not necessarily xbox 360 controllers)… trying to protect your collective brain from the onslaught of a now very deadly AI who can actually aim straight!

One of you guys may be on the offense, one tending to the defense control, one who is responsible for the gold collection operation, and the fourth as a floater who keeps everyone supplied with new guys and guns.

It’s all in the upcoming build, folks… There’s some tedious menu and other user interface work to be done, but almost everything else under the hood is good to go for a release sometime next week!