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For everyone in the Pioneer Program (sign up here), this is a big update day we’ve all been waiting for.

Head on over to you-know-where to get it! Changelog and more info coming soon.. this is a big step from the last test build.

Posted by Data in Cortex Command - December 14th, 2010

Title and video says it all, really! Check it out at
Pardon our site being slow while hammered by the Bundle traffic..

UPDATE: For those who already bought the game before and are looking for the newest update, check the forums..

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Stay tuned for a big bundle of love..

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In this week of examples of recent tech breakthroughs that bring us closer to the world of Cortex Command; behold the first stable, artificial osteocutaneous (“bone-skin”, in this case metal-skin) interface:

Click for article and video

The process of merging the skin and the metal pin is similar to the way that skin interacts with deer antlers. This breakthrough, although great for prosthetics, is also a prerequisite for making permanent, wired brain-computer interfaces. Otherwise, the physical ports into the body would risk getting infected all the time.

There’s already significant work done on how to decode visual signals going to the brain (more), so the video-in jack on the back of my head that I’ve always wanted can’t be far off! No more need to sit upright, staring at a monitor all day — or to use hands on a keyboard/mouse, for that matter… bring on the interface revolution!

Posted by Data in Cortex Command - December 9th, 2008

After a long wait, Cortex Command for OSX is out. This is a universal binary package, so it should work on most Macs out there (as long as they are running a version of OSX higher or equal to 10.4 (Tiger))! However, we couldn’t test this on all possible combos ourselves, so if you find it doesn’t run on your mac, please send the error message to us at

A big thank you and kudos goes to Chris Kruger who did a fantastic job getting this complex piece of software running on this great platform! Cortex Command is built on half a dozen libraries and middleware components that all had to be made to run in harmony in the Mac environment – on both old PPC and new Intel flavors. It wasn’t a walk in the park.

We need your help to spread the word to game-starved Apple fans everywhere! If you have a friend who uses Mac and haven’t been able to play CC yet, how about getting him/her a copy of the game for the holidays?

Download Test Build 22 for Mac OSX!Unlock Cortex Command!

Finally, note that if you have bought a license for Cortex Command, you can use it to play any version on any platform. In other words, the keys are platform-agnostic.

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Press the play button below to see the video:

As you can see, the world of Cortex Command is rapidly approaching. Now give the little fella a digger and we’re in business! Read more here and here.

While we are on the topic, there’s more fascinating work going on here… and here’s another cool video about it..

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hovercraft sketchSorry there’s been a bit of a delay in the next build. Some of the reason is that this bad boy is taking some time to perfect.

Also, rockets now have AI which lands them gracefully and dropping off things for you so you don’t have to worry about waiting for them and landing them manually anymore. They can also deliver enemy troops, and those guys try to use their jetpack to soften the landing, as well. That’s fortunate for them, because they will now gib if they hit something hard enough!

There’s numerous other improvements, like reloading mechanic, audio improvements (distance attenuation, more mixing chnnels), and a few other cool surprises.

Stay tuned, this weekend should be fun.

UPDATE: We’re working hard to get the build out today (Sunday). Just FYI